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About us BulgariaCompanyFormations.com

The website BulgariaCompanyFormations.com is an initiative of VEG Corporate Services (formerly Vertinum). VEG CS is a European corporate services provider in Europe and has offices in several countries, including Bulgaria and the United Kingdom.

VEG Corporate Services works for both professional clients and end-user clients and has a solid and strong position on the market, which also results in a large and powerful network of lawyers, tax specialists, accountants, governmental organisations and recruitment agencies in Bulgaria. It’s therefore not hard to understand why we have clients in almost every market sector.

We have launched this website due to a large demand for  Bulgarian company formations and outsourcing of production and labour to Bulgaria. With the website BulgarianCompanyFormations.com, VEG Corporate Services wants to offer complete and in-depth information about all subjects connected to doing business in Bulgaria.


An introduction:

Arjan van Eersel

Arjan van Eersel


Arjan van Eersel is one of the founding partners of VEG Corporate Services and has a broad and over 10-years experience on international corporation and tax law.

Within VEG Corporate Services Arjan is responsible for advising foreign clients.

Advice in person or on distance

We’re happy to inform you about our services by telephone, skype or email. Of course you’re also welcome at one of our office in Bulgaria.


A clear picture of all aspects

Doing business in another country is a big step for most entrepreneurs. For this reason our approach is to give our clients a clear picture on all aspects involved, like the tax, legal and practical aspects of your situations and what you can expect when doing business in Bulgaria.


We are there for small and large companies

All our clients are unique and different. They are active in different market sectors and all clients have different needs. Therefore it’s good to know that we are as flexible as our clients and have large experience in finding  proper solutions for large, medium and small companies wishing to do business in Bulgaria.


More information

We’re very happy to give you more information about this subject or another subject on this website. Please contact us with the button below.

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