Agriculture and food industry in Bulgaria

Agriculture in Bulgaria benefits from a rich history. Starting an agriculture company in is easy due to several incentives and favourable conditionsBulgaria: excellent agricultural environment

Who hasn’t heard about them? Bulgarian wines and the famous Bulgarian yoghurt. Just two random examples of some very well known products of the Bulgarian agriculture and Bulgarian food industry.

Already for ages Bulgaria is known for their agricultural sector and diversity of agricultural products. This tradition never changed and agriculture is still one of the most important fundaments of the Bulgarian economy


Complete solutions for Bulgarian agriculture and food industry

Bulgaria has a lot to offer to agricultural companies and manufacturers of food products. Some facts:

  • 50% of Bulgaria is agricultural land
  • agricultural land can be acquired against very favourable conditions
  • excellent conditions for the cultivation of grains, fruits and vegetables
  • ecologically clean and fertile soil
  • high quality organic products
  • ban on genetically modified products
  • long history as an agricultural country
  • high standards regarding health protection and the environment
  • no restrictions on foreign investments on agriculture and buying of agricultural plots
  • large pool of available specialist employees against the lowest costs of labour in Europe
  • various universities with majors on agriculture and food

Beside these sector specific benefits Bulgaria has many other business, practical and tax benefits and has an excellent infrastructure wich enable easy access to other markets.


All agricultural disciplines are present and welcome

Obviously the more well known forms of agriculture are present in Bulgaria, like farming, stock raising and green houses. Also more modern variants are becoming rising stars, for example fish farms. The almost unlimited possibilities in exercising an agricultural business in Bulgaria are also a factor of influence to the rapidly growing Bulgarian food industry.

Companies which are active in the production and processing of food therefore favour Bulgaria above other countries due to the combination of the business climate and rich availability of products from the Bulgarian agricultural companies.


Incentives, grants and European financing for Bulgarian agriculture and the Bulgarian food industry

The European programme on agricultural development has an available budget of  € 3,2 billion and offers financing of agricultural projects against favourable conditions.

Also there are many other means of financing available to start a business in Bulgaria.


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