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Become a partner of BulgariaCompanyFormations.comBecome a partner of is an initiative of VEG Corporate Services.

VEG CS is one of the largest corporate services providers in Europe and has offices in several countries, including Bulgaria, the United Kingdom, but also in the United States.

VEG Corporate Services works for both professional clients and end-user clients and has a solid and strong position on the market, which also results in a large and powerful network of lawyers, tax specialists, accountants, governmental organisations and recruitment agencies in Bulgaria. It’s therefore not hard to understand why we have clients in almost every market sector.


Advice in person through experienced partners

Many clients want to have advice in person, especially about the legal, tax and practical consequences in their home country of doing international business.

VEG Corporate Services doesn’t have and doesn’t plan to have its own offices for advice in most countries. VEG Corporate Services typically only opens offices in countries where we offer company formations and related services. The policy of VEG Corporate Services is to establish a network of external experts that are able to advice clients in their own country. Typical partners would be legal advisers, tax consultants and business consulting companies.


Partners wanted in various countries and regions

We are looking for partners in various  countries and regions both inside and outside of the European Union. If you are a legal adviser, tax consultant or business consultant and interested in a partnership with VEG Corporate Services, don’t hesitate to contact us.


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