The Bulgarian health sector

The Bulgarian health sector is flourishing. Investment in health centers is interesting because of the excellent ecological circumstancesBulgaria: Country of unspoiled nature, spas and sanatoriums

In 2012 a record amount of people came to Bulgaria for medical purposes or to visit a spa or sanatorium


Advantages of Bulgaria for the health industry:

  • Excellent geographical and environmental circumstances
  • Mediterranean climate
  • Beaches, sea, nature and mountains for all year round health trips
  • More than 600 sources of clear mineral water
  • Many lagoons with mineral-rich mud
  • Bulgaria has a long tradition as a country for medical and rehabilitation centers, sanatoriums, spas and centers for balneotherapy
  • Highly qualified and experienced healthcare specialists
  • Affordable prices for medical care
  • Well developed network of private clinics with versatile disciplines, including plastic surgery and dental care


A sector with a big future

The health sector in Bulgaria absolutely has a bright future and offers many possibilities for investors. Also governments welcome new initiatives in this sector. New initiatives also stimulate the local economy, so also local governments are welcoming new investments.


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