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Have a proper registered address with the registered office service of Registered office

Every Bulgarian company or branch office will need to have an official Bulgarian address. This address is called a ‘registered office’. The purpose of the registered office is to have an address which will be the official address of the company, which can be used by official organisations and for sending of official letters and announcements.

A Bulgarian registered office must be a real office and can’t be just a P.O box or mailbox. The corporate documents need to be available for inspection on the registered office.

Registered address service

We offer two types of registered office service in Bulgaria

Standaard registered office service

The standard registered office service is a basic service for receiving post from official organisations by post and email. Received correspondence will be forwarded by email. The address can’t  be used for any other purposes with this service.

Complete registered office service

With the complete registered office service the address of our offices in Sofia and Pazardzhik may also be used for other business correspondence or (small) packages. Received correspondence will be forwarded by email or post.


Forwarding of correspondence

Forwarding of correspondence by email is free of charge. Forwarding of correspondence by post or courier will be charged with the forwarding costs and a handlings fee of € 2,50 per shipment.

Fair prices

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