Bulgarian transport sector

Bulgaria is the most chosen country to establish a transport company because of the excellent location, low taxes and low labour costs.Bulgaria is a very popular jurisdiction for transport companies, because of the favourable location, business climate and low taxes

Bulgaria is located in Southern/Eastern Europe and offers easy access to other European countries, Russia and other CIS countries, Turkey and the middle east.

As a member of the European Union Bulgaria is also a part of the single European market and offers free movement of goods within the European union. Also 5 pan-European corridors go through Bulgaria, which makes the country very interesting for transport and logistic companies.

When considering these facts together with the many other business and tax benefits of Bulgaria, it’s obvious why Bulgaria is so popular as a jurisdiction for transport companies.

Bulgaria has an excellent infrastructure

  • 6 Motorways, connecting the whole country
  • 230 Railway stations with the possibility of loading and unloading of goods
  • 4 International airports
  • 2 Large ports on the coast
  • 4 Large harbours on the Donau
  • 60 Industrial zones

Bulgaria also continuously invests in the infrastructure and maintenance of the infrastructure by offering funds and by investing in operational transport programmes.


Starting a transport company in Bulgaria

Starting a Bulgarian transport company begins with forming a Bulgarian company

Applying for a transport license

Transport licenses can be gotten from the Ministry of transport.

To get a  transport license the applicant needs to comply with some requirements and formalities:


The applicable law requires a declaration from the responsible authority that the managers of the transport company have no professional conviction or are disqualified from managing a transport company in their own country.


Financial requirements

Every transport company needs to be in good financial standing. This can be clarified in several ways and the ministry might ask for one or more of the following documents:

  • Bank reference or guarantee
  • Insurance documents
  • Declaration from the Bulgarian tax authorities
  • (Audited) financial results


Professional requirements

Anyone who will manage a transport company needs to be fit and competent to do so. Competence can be shown by doing an exam in Bulgaria or by showing a relevant diplom or certificate from the transport authority of another EU-country.


Time frame for getting a transport license

The average application term is 30 days from the moment the application has been handed in. This term can become more when the ministry requires more documents.


Validity of a transport license

A transport license is valid for a period of 5 years. After this period the license can be renewed.



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