Chemical industry in Bulgaria

The chemical industry is an important sector in the Bulgarian economy. Chemical companies prefer Bulgaria because of the country's wealth in minerals.The chemical industry, an important sector in the Bulgarian economy

Who’ll think about Bulgaria might not directly associate the country with chemical industry. Yet the country has some big achievements on it’s name. For example, the largest factory and producer of sodium carbonate of Europe is located in Bulgaria. Development of a chemical industry isn’t something recent, but goes way back. In 1989 Bulgaria was the leading country on the production of chemical products like sodium carbonate, phosphor, nitrogen and fertilisers.


Bulgaria is rich in minerals

Bulgaria is very rich in minerals, sand, clay and limeston compared to neighbouring regions. A large availability of such raw materials is of course very interesting for investors.


A sector with possibilities

The chemical sector in Bulgaria is very interesting, because of the possibiliteis to build up a company in this sector. Also Bulgaria has a well developed power and gas network. A company in the  chemical sector has plenty of possibilities to grow and to find a proper and affordable location for its activities. Also companies will for sure benefit from the low taxes and the low costs of labour for qualified employees.


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