Electronics and electrical engineering

The electronics and electrical engineering sector in Bulgaria is popular among investors because of the availability of and experienced specialists

Bulgaria has a leading position in electronics, electrical engineering, research & development and producing electronics

Regarding electronics and electrical engineering Bulgaria plays an important role in Europe. Many large manufacturers of electronics have chosen for Bulgaria because of the availability of experienced engineers and assemblers against favourable labour costs, easy access to other markets in Europe, Russia/CIS and the middle-east.

Also many joint-ventures in the electronics sector work from Bulgaria. Forming a joint-venture between a Bulgarian and a foreign party is very interesting from an economic and tax perspective. Also the modern and flexible Bulgarian companies act makes starting up a joint venture very easy.


Plenty of opportunities for electronics companies

It’s not hard to find the right location for electronics companies. There is quite a large pool in both larger and smaller cities of available employees with experience in electrical engineering.


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