Important dates for Bulgarian companies

When do Bulgarian companies have to file their annual accounts and tax returnsBulgarian companies have to comply with some annual obligations, which include publishing of annual accounts and filing tax returns.

On this page we’ll set out the most common obligations for Bulgarian companies to fulfil and the deadlines to fulfil these obligations.


Annual obligations


Publishing of the annual accounts at the trade register

Sole proprietorships: voor 31 mei

OOD/EOOD: voor 30 juni

Other types of companies: voor 31 juli


Tax returns

31 maart: Annual tax return for the corporation tax

30 april: Annual tax return for dividends

30 april: Annual tax return for personal income


Monthly obligations (with deadlines)

7th of the month: Printing of the monthly reports of cash registers

10th of the month: Filing and payment of declarations regarding social security and PAYE for employees and under a civil contract and self-employed persons for the previous month

10th of the month: Filing of the corporate tax declaration for gambling enterprises (casino’s, loteries/toto, bing, etc)

14th of the month: Filing and payment of the VAT declaration (including VIES, if applicable) for the previous month

20th of the month: Filing of declaration 1 regarding employees without a labour contract

30th or 31st of the month: Payment of advances regarding corporation tax for the previous month

30th or 31st of the month: Payment of other advances (for example dividends)

30th or 31st of the month: Filing of declaration 6 regarding social securities and PAYE taxes for employees for the previous month


Professional support to comply with all obligations can provide professional support to clients to make sure that their Bulgarian company will comply and fulfil the required obligations in a proper way. Also you can authorise us to fulfil most of the obligations. That way you can be sure of complying with all the required obligations on time and in a proper way.


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