IT (Information Technology) in Bulgaria

Bulgaria is Europe's leading IT country and has a long history in IT services.The IT sector in Bulgaria

Bulgaria has a rich tradition regarding IT. For example one of the first computers, the Atansov-Berry computer was invented by a Bulgarian and many computer manufacturers have their production in Bulgaria. Also is Bulgaria the number 5 country in the world’s top on internet speed and the number 3 in Europe for internet speed. When we’ll talk about the amount of qualified IT-professionals the Bulgaria is the world’s number 10 country and again the 3th country in Europe.


Well educated IT professionals against competitive fees

Bulgaria offers IT companies a lot, not only  many business and tax benefits, but also a large availability of well educated IT specialists against the lowest labour costs in Europe.


Bulgaria: The right choice for small and large IT companies

As a country Bulgaria is about to become a real regional hub. New IT companies are therefore more than welcome in Bulgaria, as the country offers many chances to small and large IT companies. Well known IT companies that have chosen for Bulgaria are for example: SAP, VMware, CISCO, HP, Samsung, Telerik and many others.


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