Outsourcing services

Outsourcing services for benefitting from the lowest labour costs and most flexible labour code of Europe, which help to reduce business costs.

Benefit from lower costs of labour and production with the outsourcing services of BulgariaCompanyFormations.com

Bulgaria doesn’t only have the lowest taxes of Europe, but also the lowest costs of labour and most flexible labour conditions.

Those looking for a country offering well educated, highly motivated employees against the lowest labour costs and best conditions will end up at only one country: Bulgaria!


What is outsourcing?

Many people think that companies only move for tax purposes, however that’s untrue. Businesses can also save on production, purchase and labour costs by using outsourcing. With outsourcing the focus is on moving a company, parts of a company, its activities or a part of the activities to another country with the purpose to save costs on production or purchasing of one or several products.


A Bulgarian company or not

Of course there are good arguments to form a Bulgarian company, for outsourcing purposes, for example companies wishing to have their own production facilities in Bulgaria by setting-up their own factory or workshop with Bulgarian employees. This way a company will not only benefit from the favourable Bulgarian labour costs and conditions, but also of  many other benefits that Bulgaria has to offer.


Cut costs without large investments through Business Process Outsourcing (BPO)

With Business Process Outsourcing it’s  not required to form a Bulgarian company. With this type of outsourcing one or several production processes will delegated elsewhere because of cheaper production, lower labour costs and better purchasing prices.

Think of companies that will produce their products in Bulgaria or an IT company that has outsourced its call center. In all these examples the costs get lower and profits go up without the need of large investments and without the need to set-up a company, factory or workplace in another country. In these cases, existing infrastructures are being used and shared.

Business process outsourcing (BPO) therefore offers big benefits.


Why Bulgaria?

Usually when people think of outsourcing, they’ll think about countries like China and India. However, Bulgaria is the number one outsourcing country within Europe  because of the many advantages Bulgaria has to offer. Bulgaria is a member of the European Union, which means that products being produced in Bulgaria can be sold freely within the European Union without having to pay any import or export duties.

Bulgaria offers the same advantages, as China and India, which are more well known outsourcing countries, but without the complicated procedures and high costs and taxes on importing products from these countries into the European Union.

Also Bulgaria offers companies many interesting advantages, like a flexible labour code, tax benefits, government incentives on education of employees, grants, subsidies and government contributions to lower labour costs. These benefits can be used by all kinds of companies and not only by large multinationals. This way even small companies can easily benefit from outsourcing with minimal risks and fast results.


Large and small outsourcing projects are in good hands at BulgariaCompanyFormations.com

BulgariaCompanyFormations.com has done many outsourcing projects, both small and large projects.

All these projects are very different, but the most common ones are administrative projects, call centers, productie, assembling, IT- related projects, logistics, storage, warehousing, customer services and many others.

No matter if you want to use outsourcing services for a short or long time, you may count on us!


Complete production lines moved to Bulgaria

As a company we are -of course- proud to be able to say to have many satisfied clients. Clients who have, for example, gave us the trust and responsibility to run their complete production in Bulgaria


The right person on the right place

BulgariaCompanyFormations.com employs about 550 people in the outsourcing division. These employees are motivated and work with pleasure at the outsourcing projects of our clients. Yet we can say without doubts that we have in-house specialists for most activities. Also we have a large network of labour agencies, government organisations, universities and experiences HRM managers to make sure that the right person/persons will be found for your project.

All we need to know the find the right person for you is let us know your wishes and desires and we’ll start searching for you.


Minimal risks

You’re an entrepreneur and most likely unknown to Bulgarian labour law, the Bulgarian social security system and other relevant laws related to employing Bulgarian employees. Therefore it’s good to know that the experts of BulgariaCompanyFormations.com can do this fully for you to make sure that you’ll never be confronted with unpleasant issues.


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