The right location for your Bulgarian company

Picking the right location for your Bulgarian company is important because it influences the success of the company.Picking the right location in Bulgaria for your company is an important choice

When starting a company in Bulgaria picking the right location is an issue that shouldn’t be underestimated. The location will influence the company’s results. It can’t be taken for granted that the capital city is by definition the right location for every business.


Factors to be considered for selecting the right location for your Bulgarian company

  • Availability of suitable plots and real estate
  • Requirements for your activities by the municipality
  • Availability of the right employees
  • Appearance
  • Presence of sector specific facilities, demands and possibilities


The most important locations for foreign businesses

Based on our experience in supporting Bulgarian business start-ups by foreign companies we can say that the following locations are chosen mostly by our clients for doing business in Bulgaria


As the capital of Bulgaria it makes sense that Sofia is preferred by many internationally orientated companies. The city Sofia offers many facilities for companies, including business centers.

Compared to other Bulgarian cities, Sofia is relatively expensive, however prices in Sofia much lower than the average European capital city.

It’s easy to find multi-lingual and well educated employees. The most common languages are English, German, French, Russian and Spanish.



Plovdiv is the 2nd city of Bulgaria and also very popular as a location for international companies. Housing costs in Plovdiv will usually be a bit lower than in Sofia.

The city Plovdiv is especially popular among IT companies. This is because of the excellent IT-programs offered by the universities in Plovdiv and the amount of available IT specialists in this city.

Also in Plovdiv it’s easy to find multi-lingual and well educated employees. Most used languages are English, German, French and Russian.



Pazardzhik is as a region (oblast) very interesting for producing companies. The city Pazardzhik is located favourably, because it’s located directly to the main motorway that connects the most important Bulgarian cities.

The region and city Pazardzhik are quite cheaper than most other regions and cities.

Also Pazardzhik has plenty of available employees, both high and low-skilled employees are available.


Coastal region

The coastal region is interesting for companies with activities in tourism, but also for companies who need to be located near the port. Most important cities in this region are Varna and Burgas.


Consulting services on finding the right location for your Business in Bulgaria

Our specialists can help you to decide about the right location for your business, but can also help you to bring the advice into practise by finding and proposing premises and real estate, like offices, workshops, storage and plots.


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