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Welcome to BulgariaCompanyFormations.com!

This website is an initiative of VEG Corporate Services. VEG CS is a corporate services provider with offices in Europe and the United States and offering services in various countries.

Bulgaria is getting more and more popular as a business jurisdiction. And for obvious reasons, because Bulgaria offers a very competitive business environment due to a unique combination of possibilities.

VEG Corporate Services is a specialist provider of corporate services and tries to offer a complete range of services, so our clients can do business in Bulgaria without worries.


Lowest taxes in Europe

Bulgaria has the lowest taxes in Europe, this is -of course- one of the factors why companies choose for Bulgaria as a business jurisdiction.

Bulgaria Company Formations can take care of the complete company formation process in Bulgaria and can advice about all other aspects related to doing business in Bulgaria.

Our company has in-house specialists with knowledge of all the important matters connected to doing business in Bulgaria. This way you’ll be able to start doing business in Bulgaria in no time!

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Bulgarian fiduciary services for optimal use of all the legal, fiscal and practical benefits

Through our fiduciary services in Bulgaria your Bulgarian company will perform best, because your business will be able to benefit as much as possible from the practical and tax benefits that Bulgaria has to offer.

Our fiduciary services contribute to making sure that your company complies with all the legal and tax requirements in Bulgaria to use all possibilities in a correct and profitable manner.

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Outsourcing to Bulgaria for lower labour and production costs

Businesses use Bulgarian outsourcing services to significantly reduce their costs of labour and production.

Our outsourcing and HRM specialist know the way in Bulgaria and have a large network of specialists, suppliers, factories, labour agencies, governmental organisations, schools and universities to be able to find the right person for your company or project.

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